About us

Chelsea Jones has worked in the design industry for over 10 years.  She loves everything design, marketing and business development related. She graduated from Pepperdine University in 07  with a degree in fine arts and has since moved her artistic abilities onto a digital medium. She now works as a freelancer, economic development consultant and entrepreneur in southern Colorado with her husband and 2 kids.


Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Art – What Is The Difference?

Visual communication is a wide umbrella which covers many things. People often believe visual communication and graphic design is the same thing. This is not true. While graphic design falls under the same umbrella as visual communication; it is a narrow focal point limited to the design of key graphics for various avenues of development. Together, visual communication and graphic design express a company’s products and services and transforms them into a marketing strategy that is visually appealing. Using graphics, digital design and unique illustrations the combination of graphic design and visual communication brings media, print, websites and apps to life with a powerful and visible way.

Graphic designers study the intricacies of color selection. They learn key computer applications that allow them to alter and format their designs to fit any application. The beauty of graphic design is the ability to transform and scale the design to work with any media outlet. This is a specialized skill and one our company has mastered.

While words tell the message, it is the visual attributes of marketing that bring the reader’s attention to the ad, booklet or web-page. Though they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, a “bad” cover may keep people from reading the book altogether.

Artist, graphic designers and visual designers are all closely related. We share the same tools. In fact our work is so closely related that the primary difference is in the motive behind the work. Basically, we are all bringing an idea or message to life with pictures or visual means. While a graphic designer must be an artist in a sense, an artist will usually not describe their work as designing. The motive behind a graphic design is to bring an idea to life and to cause the viewer to take action. An example would be; creating an image of a beautiful island in a way that urges the viewer to book a vacation. An artist creates their art as to inspire emotion, or the feeling of awe. It is a fine line. While the end result may vary the skills needed to achieve the end result overlap.

A designer wants his work to send a clear message that is immediately understood. His message is “You want this. Purchase this”. An artist wants their work to be more thought provoking. They want their work to spark different emotions by different viewers. They want to stir something in a viewer that causes them to pause.

A graphic designer must be more versatile. While graphic design is a learned skill, it is only as good as the style of the designer. A graphic designer will use his style, skill, and the tools of his trade to make your message come to life and express what you want it to. He is trained to express you; while an artist is trained to express himself.

Graphic Designer Website Building

No doubt you have heard about people who create their website with “do it yourself programs” While it is possible to use the tools of a website creation site, you end up with a site that is a cookie-cutter design not too different from tens of thousands of other websites. People try to compensate by adding more plug-ins and cool “click and see” apps. This is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make. Your website is the window to your business. What people see when they look through that window will give them the first and lasting impression of your business. Your willingness to go “cheap” speaks volumes.

A graphic designer creates images and a vision of your company that tells the world that you value your company, your clients and yourself. Though you can still use cool apps and some basic codes that allow you to operate smoothly behind the scenes; all your customer will see is a dynamic, specialized and professional lay out.

As you can see, graphic design is a valuable asset to a company and one that when done well allows a company to not only make sales, but to build a brand that is known around the world.