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Increase customer engagement through mobile apps

What is a mobile app?

“Mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers.”

Let us discuss why your company MUST have an app dedicated to getting new customers for your business and retaining the existing ones.

There are three facts nobody can deny:

  1. People are spending more time online as compared to any other media.
  2. Most of this digital time is spent on mobile devices.
  3. Most of that mobile time is spent in apps.

People don’t just use their mobile devices to read content anymore. Mobile apps have now enabled the smartphone users to do things. Do what “things”?

  1. Entertain: (eg. Play games, watch videos etc.)
  2. Inform: (eg. Write and read reviews etc.)
  3. Update: (eg. Get news updates)
  4. Communicate: (eg. Chat)
  5. Educate: (eg. Get tips and lessons on academic subjects
  6. Manage: (eg. Manage business or bank account)
  7. Locate: (eg. Locate nearest hotels)
  8. Direct: (eg. Use maps to get directions)
  9. Purchase: (eg. Purchase goods online)
  10. Motivate: (eg. Daily quotes)

…and whatnot.

Smartphones have now become small computers. They are getting cheaper, more powerful, yet, easy to use and easily available. For most mobile users their mobile phones are never more than a meter away. They are more personal than any personal computer. This helps the users to access the apps as and when they need. Most apps being far more to-the-point than any website is an additional advantage.

Mobile marketing is all about engaging potential customers. And mobile applications engage the customers better than anything else available today.

What do apps do for a business?

  1. Apps build customer loyalty
  2. Apps strengthen your brand
  3. Apps increase your visibility
  4. Apps increase your accessibility
  5. Apps give you a marketing platform
  6. Apps definitely increase your sale

No matter what your business is, if you have a mobile app and know how to make good use of it, you will not only gain more business but will also reduce your marketing cost to a great extent.

If you have a business website, it is great. Websites give your business a lot of exposure. But it is significantly less than the exposure your business gets through a mobile app.

Go ahead. Do not hesitate in investing in a mobile app. Your customers will love it…and so will you!

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