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How Can a Website Transform Your Business?

You might as well have set yourself up in the market, but what about your presence in the digital space? Does your website drive you more sales? Some of the largest businesses in the world don’t feel like having a large sales force; their websites are their number 1 salesmen!

Some businesses still believe that a website is solely to inform target audience about the entity’s presence. If that’s the only aim you are using your website for, chances are you have missed out on so many sales.

Here are five ways how your website can transform your business.

No need to spend millions when your website is in place

Businesses try and spend millions on each promotional campaign. A well maintained website in itself is large-scale promotion. With internet becoming one of the biggest inventions in the history of mankind, the possibilities regarding what you can do with your website are virtually endless.

Most of the online promotion is either very cost effective or is absolutely free. With your social media profiles promoting your website, chances are you are soon going to make online sales and profit yourself from your digital presence.

No need to spend millions on creating physical USPs

A Unique Selling Point [USP] requires a unique design, engaging colors, excellent props and engaging presentation. All of this just builds up on the costs and makes the expenditure reach millions of dollars. If you run a large-scale business, a website with an engaging theme can be your USP for the entire audience at the same time.

This is a one-time expense that will earn you revenues over a long period of time. Considering that businesses are always looking for ways to decrease costs, an online USP can serve a larger traffic without anyone having to wait in queues or physically reaching someplace to buy a product/service.

Your website is your reflection as a complete brand

Informing the audience about your existence in the market is just one of the many reasons why a website is used. However, to become a complete brand, you have to incorporate other things as well. In fact, study suggests that on average, over 50% of the traffic lands on the websites of various brands in search for job opportunities.

This means you don’t have to pay for getting an opening published in the daily journal; your website shall get you the right resource at the right time.

Talking about creating news; what better way to inform your stakeholders about news and happenings than through your own website? A large proportion of your audience can read out what you are up to and interact at the same time.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a WordPress Site

Ever wondered why everyone these days is building websites on WordPress? You might as well have done some research yourself and might already know that there are tons of other platforms that offer just that.

However, here are five reasons why you should too have WordPress as your website’s platform.

WordPress is an open-source software platform

The first thing that differentiates WordPress from all other platforms is its nature. It is an open-source software program designed to give website developers all the creativity and flexibility they need to create something wonderful and worth the time.

A software program is also free of bugs as compared to an online platform. Considering WordPress is freely available and ready to be used after being installed, this is a pretty neat offering.

The plugins available for WordPress far outnumber any other

We all have that one top-seller that gets all the attention of the developers. Just like Twitter is still the social network with the most amount of third-party apps developed to date, WordPress is the first open-source software to offer thousands of plugins.

This means each button and every menu on your website becomes exactly how you want it to be. Talk about being choosy, a long list of options available will give you a hard time in deciding which one to go with and which one to ignore.

WordPress powered websites offer easy marketability, including SEO

Who isn’t familiar with SEO and SMM? It is reported that WordPress sites get twice as much attention as any other website. Considering the enhanced marketability, SEO and SMM has become quite easy using WordPress.

The user-friendly panel allows for backhand settings to be made following just one click. Google loves to rank WordPress, though. This is why WordPress is the platform having the most number of websites ranked and indexed by search engines worldwide.

WordPress’ CMS is unlike any other

While other web-based platforms might have glitches in them, the downloadable website platform makes sure your CMS offers you ease of use and flexibility all along. The Content Management System of WordPress really is one important reason why you should consider powering your website thru this platform.

Publishing, formatting, editing and sorting of text is easier than ever. Pictures can also be easily provided for wherever needed. There are tons of fonts to choose from, and even more which you can download from third-party developers.

Appearance is all that matters. Not really.

If you think appearance is all that matters – think again. Would you care to reload a website time and time again if you really didn’t need to? What about the chances of having bugs and errors all over the site?

With thousands of themes to choose from, the possibilities with what you can make your website are virtually endless. You can do whatever you want with it, and still make your site look appealing. And not to forget, all this is made possible with a site that is optimized for quick load times.